Interviews Without Job Applications

Valfile ends the pain of endless job searching, automatically matching you with job opportunities you're truly qualified for.

Job Seekers




A new approach to 21st century HR challenges like recruiter fatigue and job hunt burnout.



Feedback is crucial for growth, so we offer the right data to help you grow into your career.



Job postings and applications take up too much time, and yours should be well spent.

Let us send you employers who will value your skills and experience.

Why Do We Exist?

Job hunting used to be about spending hours looking and applying for jobs only to be ghosted or get an automatic rejection letter. Job seekers are often expected to apply to more jobs just to get an interview for a role that is a far stretch from the kind of role they were initially looking for

How Do We Do This?

We work with employers to craft their ideal role and carefully search our users to connect them for an interview. An old concept that has been proven to work powered by cuttin edge technology and a platform designed around the job seeker experience.

Putting The Human Back in HR

Reduction in administrative tasks creates more room for our employers to dedicate more time towards candidate experience. We empower talent teams around the country to start talking to candidates who are a great fit for their talent needs as soon as they are ready to interview.

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